Informative Without Sales Pressure

At AFM, we believe you should be able to get reliable investment information without heavy sales pressure. Since we don't sell products, you won't be asked to buy any!

We present interesting, information-packed seminars in a classroom atmosphere that can help you understand the stock market, popular investing vehicles, how to save money with your investing, and investment strategies. Seminars run from as short as 20 minutes up to a full day.

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Our Seminar Topics Include:

Investing 101

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds... who in the world can understand all that stuff? Let us help you take the mystery out of investing. This seminar explores basic investing terms and concepts from the ground up. We'll discuss CD's, money markets, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance savings plans, different types of investment professionals and much much more! We'll answer your questions about the best ways to invest in your future. But this seminar is not only for the novice investor... we may surprise you!

Creating and Preserving Wealth

You want your financial future to be safe and secure, but where can you turn for common sense answers? In this seminar we'll discuss ways to grow your assets and keep them safe from inflation and taxes. How is virtually all wealth in America created? What is the difference between affluence and wealth? Let us help you understand how sound investment strategies can make the difference.

All About The Stocks And The Stock Market

Charts and tickers and brokers, buying and selling... it's all so confusing! This seminar explains what stocks are, how the stock markets work, and how stocks are bought and sold. You'll find out about common stock, preferred stock, listed and over-the-counter securities, and explore the difference between value and growth-oriented stocks. Let us help you take the mystery out of these important investment vehicles.

Investing For Retirement

Since social security will only give us a subsistence existence, we all must save for our retirement. But what other options do we have? Explore why you need to save for retirement, and how much savings is enough. We'll discuss the power of compound interest, utilizing work related retirement programs such as 401k programs, and putting additional retirement savings in IRA, annuity and insurance programs. Don't wait to secure your future!

Mutual Funds And Annuities

Everyone is saying that mutual funds are the way to invest, but what the heck is a mutual fund? In this seminar, we'll explain what mutual funds are, and the types of funds available, including stock, bond, money market and sector funds. Some of the tax problems with mutual funds (rarely explained in the financial press) will be examined. Examples of dollar cost and value averaging will be shown. A brief explanation of annuities is also included. There are over 9,000 mutual funds in America today; find out why!

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